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We hope the information on this site will leave you as excited about the future of efficient transportation as we are!

Our mission includes making sure you get the facts about mobility using electricity.
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EVCO is a federally incorporated non-profit.

Our website has recently changed.  You may consult our archived website.

Parliamentary e-Petition for a Strong National EV Policy

A petition was just launched on the House of Commons e-petition site, calling upon the Minister of Transport to: 1. Set an ambitious electric vehicle deployment target: 13 countries had already established deployment targets in 2016, in addition to 8 American states. The Canadian government has yet to set such…

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EV Drink – Come and chat about EVs

Two EVCO members have set up a monthly informal group to talk about EVs and introduce potential owners to the ins and outs of owning an EV.  There will be a number of EVs parked in the underground parking for your viewing pleasure.  Here is the invitation from Nick and…

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